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"We recently attended a seminar organized and presented by Rena. Rena provides so much relevant and actionable information each time she presents, I don't stop writing the entire time she is talking. Rena is . . ."

Jennifer Huhman

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"Rena Striegel is a tremendous business partner, and someone you should strongly consider engaging when you choose to work "on your business". Her clear focus and genuine commitment for the success of business organizations and the people who dare to achieve great things has been demonstrated many times over, and for me, Rena's unwavering effort displayed her professional approach. In need of some career advice, I networked with Rena, who met with me to explore my credentials and experience, and proceeded to get me thinking in different terms about the unique talents and abilities I had to offer the Corridor's business community. Her energetic style and enthusiasm cannot help but be inspiring to a business in need of her organizational leadership skills. Reach out to Rena if you are looking for that one ingredient missing from your future: Empowered Business Strategy!"

Randy Krug  Director of Accounting
Gazette Communications

"Rena is simply amazing! I highly recommend her to any person or business looking for a creative, energetic, high-level-thinking strategist who makes every person (at every level) she comes in contact with comfortable. She has an uncanny way of assisting me in seeing what I haven't been able to see before and showing me I have the strength to make changes that I knew needed to be made, but seemed too difficult before she began working with us. I cannot succinctly stress how fortunate I feel to have had the opportunity to work with Rena and I look forward to a long-term business relationship!"

Tashia Roffey-Koebrick  

"Rena has a natural ability to see things that help solve problems. She is an excellent communicator. She is very well trained and provides expertise not often found. Any company that hires Rena will benefit substantially from her review."

Mike Tiernan  

"I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to Rena, as it relates to soft skills (public speaking, conflict management, selling yourself (interviewing process), all of which build self confidence, I also believe there would be a benefit for any size company to contract Rena. Rena is motivated, high spirited and brings a very high level of skills as it relates to both company and people development. No matter what size your company or personal need is, Rena would be a great asset for any business endeavor. Thanks for all you taught me! "

Kitty Edwards  Purchasing Manager
Quaker Oats

"I serve as the Board Chairman for the Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. We hired Rena to lead us through the process to create a new mission and vision statement for the bureau. With Rena's guidance and expertise, she kept us focused and we were able to bring a wide range of thoughts and ideas from both board directors and staff together to formulate a concise, powerful mission and vision statement. I would highly recommend Rena to other organizations looking to successfully complete this process."

Josh Moore  Chairman of the Board
Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Rena has and continues to provide an invaluable service to SPS. Her assistance was crucial in helping us create the strongest TEAM we've ever had. Rena is a true professional and a joy to work with!"

Kim Dixon  

"Rena spearheaded our 1st annual off-site Project Management Team Building session in the spring of 2008. She and I worked together on the general content and agenda based on the objectives I had for the event, and she did a masterful job of presenting and facilitating the event that led to an overwhelming success. She brings a very professional mix of energy and creativity to the table and is extremely reliable and thorough in her preparation and delivery. We will welcome her back with open arms and are already working on ideas for our next outing."

Jeff Carey  

"Between our staff and our board, we have many creative, bright people. Rena was able to keep us all focused on our goal while entertaining a wealth of opinions. Our mission, vision and objectives made sense at the end of the session, but they make even more sense, now, as we start to implement them. Rena can do the same for you."

Tim Boyle  President/CEO
Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Rena did an outstanding job preparing and facilitating our recent Team Leadership Outing. Our employees came away with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and awareness that was a direct result of the program put together by Rena!"

Pigott, Inc.

"As a result of the pre-screening and profile testing, the last sales hires we have made have been highly successful. We now have Rena help us develop our entire Team structure. By profiling all of our team members, we gain insight into what motivates and fulfills them as people, making them more productive and effective."

Mark Shelton  
Strategic Print Systems

"Rena facilitated our Strategic Planning meeting for 2007-2010. Our goals were to redefine our mission, vision, and values, create a SWOT analysis and establish strategic priorities & objectives. Not only did we meet our goals, but we believe that we are better able to address new challenges as a unified team. We expect a greater sense of purpose, team and productivity in the coming years."

Julie McMahon  Director, Division of Health Promtion and Chronic Disease Prevention
State of Iowa

"I have known Rena for a few years now and consistently she raises the bar. Not only her own performance but those of her clients (That would be me). Her energy and knowledge are truly second to none."

Rob Rance  Managing Partner
Turn The Page Online Marketing

"Working with you on our business coaching has paid off in so many ways! First, your fun, upbeat and positive personality made tackling some tough issues so easy. We have taken the information and ideas you provided to us and use it daily! There were so many planning issues and conditions we were not prepared to handle until we met you. Thank you Rena, you are the best!! "

Shawn Moulin  Owner
Benefit Services of Kansas City

"Rena the book and the recent training classes were fantastic. I really took away some great ideas to help me personally and professionally. Looking forward to attending more of your seminars in the future. Keep me on the mailing list for future opportunities."

Robert Jonas  COO
The Personal Marketing Co.

"As a client of Rena's, I can attest to Rena's professionalism and extreme integrity. She has wonderful, creative ideas to implement for the improvement of your business. As a business consultant, no one compares to Rena. She listens to your business needs and wants, helps to develop plans and strategies for meeting those needs, and keeps you accountable for the implementation of those strategies. If you want to create a business plan, determine a direction for your business, grow your business, or just improve your overall business strategies, Rena can help you. I strongly recommend Rena to any and all business owners."

Mark E. Klinkenberg  Principal Member
The Klinkenberg Law Firm, LLC

"I have known Rena for two years now. I am continually impressed with the professional way in which Rena conducts a meeting and business seminar. The positive and upbeat atmosphere she brings with her is exactly what every business needs. Her experience and knowledge go well beyond the average business consultant/coach. She inspires me as a woman in the business world and has grown many of my clients' businesses exponentially. Empowered Business Strategies is exactly what businesses need in every economic climate. "

Hillary Zobeck  District Manager
Automatic Data Processing

"I attended a seminar that Rena presented and was immediately able to put her advice to work. Her presentation offered clear and practical advice on how to approach and solve specific business concerns and yet remain true to the business mission and values. Rena has a unique approach that helps participants clarify their thinking and perception that I have rarely seen in other presenters. I'm positive she must have seen the light bulb that went on over my heard several times during the presentation as I thought, "Hmm, I never looked at it that way before!" Her approach helped me focus my business and win a large project.I still, more than a year later, apply the approach she taught as I work with prospects and projects and continue to turn to Rena for business advice. I have heard Rena present several times since them and every time I come away with effective tools to improve my business. "

Terry Matz  Owner
Website Makeovers

"Rena has an amazing way of connecting to you and your business. Owning a successful business is not a cookie cutter process. She realizes that and strives to help guide you to your goals in a way that makes sense to you. "

Cathryn Farley  Owner
Cathryn Farley Photography

"I have known Rena for a little more than two years and she has coached my business from conception to reality. She is so talented in her delivery of thoughts and execution of strategic development. Always raises the bar and always keeps things positive but yet real. Whenever I get the opportunity to hear her do a presentation, I make sure that I clear my schedule to attend. Her tips and simple guidelines are effective for any type of business."

Elaina Huffman  Founder / Executive Director
Miss Brooklynn Productions

"Rena has been a customer of mine for years, we hired her about a year ago to work with us on our business, her style of coaching is amazing and has helped us so very much, she's a great friend and an outstanding coach, we're so fortunate we found her and will continue to recommend her to others. Thanks again Rena !!"

John Blauw  Manager
Sallas Auto Repair

"We recently attended a seminar organized and presented by Rena. Rena provides so much relevant and actionable information each time she presents, I don't stop writing the entire time she is talking. Rena is an organized, entertaining presenter that keeps her entire audience engaged while making it easy for them to use the information provided. We are currently implementing the information and steps provided by Rena. We are so excited for the changes currently happening and that will continue to happen in our business. Thank you Rena for sharing your knowledge and doing so in a manner that many different businesses can benefit! "

Jennifer Huhman  Co-Owner
CNJ Signs and Wraps

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