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Businesses Helping in Times of Crisis

The recent storms in Missouri have highlighted the power of networking and community. While families, community organizations, churches and other networks have bonded together to help those impacted by crisis, it is awesome to see businesses stepping up during this time of crisis.

A few thoughts on how your business can get involved:

Businesses Helping Other Businesses

Reach out to another business in the effected town. Connect with a business that is similar to your business, for example banks helping banks, etc. Because you understand the industry, you might be able to help meet the needs of a business who was impacted better than anyone else. Look online, ask your employees, or ask members of your business networks to help you make connections in the affected area.

Businesses Collecting Donations

Employees love it when they feel like they can “give back” through a work-sponsored program. Show that you care, and host a donation drive at your office. Open it up to your entire street, or building. Help sponsor a project that your employees can run with and promote.

Businesses Giving Donations toward Storm Relief

This is obvious, but at times, we get distracted by our own problems and as time goes by, we someone else has it covered. Don’t let the opportunity to support others pass. You can give donations to non-profit organizations or do a pledge drive around the office and offer to match whatever donations come in. Your business will not only be helping the victims, but the donation may be an opportunity for a tax deduction. 

Businesses Sending Employees

There are stories being told every day about employees stepping up and donating their time to make a difference.  Allowing your employees to take time off to volunteer is not only extremely generous but will strengthen your team and boost morale.

Remember:  your company’s culture is developed with every choice you make. Creating a culture that promotes generosity will reinforce your customer service efforts and create a shared experience between your team.  Shared experiencess will promote better team work and communication.