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Becoming an Entrepreneur #3: Wise Counsel

In the Becoming an Entrepreneur series, we’ve talked about the profile of today’s entrepreneur, and the importance of planning. Today we’ll discuss another critical component of business growth and strength: wise counsel.

Seeking out sources of advice, such as mentors and coaches, is a common practice in today’s culture. Sports teams depend on their coaches, students need teachers, our country is structured by our government. While the sports teams, students and US citizens could exercise their gifts and talents independently, having a trained, experienced leader giving input helps build consistency and strength in any organization or arena.

Surround Yourself with Experts

As actors are cast into new roles, they often spend hours studying the people who they’ll soon portray. Instead of taking on the role and searching for ideas in books and other movies, they instead spend time with the people who they will soon represent. Business owners should do the same thing as they look for ways to grow their business and get new ideas. Look for industry experts, and spend time with them. Shadow them for a day and ask for informational interviews. Don’t merely research online or at the library, but create opportunities to spend time with those more experienced and knowledgeable in your field.

Get a Business Coach

As evidenced by the Super Bowl winners each year, coaching is key when it comes to building a strong team. There is increasing evidence that coaching, regardless of the context, is one of the best ways to develop people. In the business arena, business coaches can come into your workplace, hear your idea, and then give you suggestions and tools to help get to the next level. Coaching is a great way to see if you’re off to a right start, or if there are areas to tweak to make your business more successful.

Outsource When Needed

As business owners, we often take on the responsibility of completing every task in the business ourselves. But as your business gets off of the ground, you must find ways to outsource tasks. All of us are built with a set of skills that we’re great at … and another set of skills that we need help with. As a business owner, you must recognize areas of challenge or things that you dislike (and therefore tend to procrastinate), and find ways to get help with those tasks. It could be help with accounting, organization, marketing or even sales. While it might seem like an investment at first, you’ll see big pay-offs in the end when you hire others to help you and free up your time to continue doing what you do best.

Wise Counsel – it can often help make or break your business. By allowing others to give you feedback or help with your business, you’ll set yourself up for success. Stay tuned for our last post in our Becoming an Entrepreneur series, Becoming an Entrepreneur: Time Management.