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Social Media – One Party You Don’t Want to Miss

I have had several business coaching clients ask, “What is Tweeting and do I have to do it?” or “Do I have to be on Facebook? I hate all that Farmville stuff!” If you are unsure about how social media should be incorporated into your business plan, I would suggest you start working on that now. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may be the primary way we communicate in the very near future. The shift from traditional business communication channels to Internet facilitated communication is happening quickly. Several of my business coaching clients, who are in very traditional industries, are already seeing a large segment of clients who are communicating exclusively through Facebook.

In an attempt to stay in front of the curve, I am encouraging all of my corporate coaching, executive coaching, and group coaching clients  that they should be asking for social media handles from every client, prospect and strategic partner. Many of my clients are challenged by the current business environment because they don’t have email addresses of their clients. Imagine how challenging it will be for these businesses as we move away from “interruption marketing” and move to marketing strategies that are primarily driven by social media or are  “by invitation.” 

Social Media is proving to be a powerful engine for driving business to your business. Don’t hesitate to join the party.