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"We recently attended a seminar organized and presented by Rena. Rena provides so much relevant and actionable information each time she presents, I don't stop writing the entire time she is talking. Rena is . . ."

Jennifer Huhman

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About Us

Every company has unique opportunities and challenges. Empowered Business Strategies believes in customizing solutions to optimize results. We don't sell processes – we develop strategies unique to each business and evaluate the results. We tell our clients what they NEED to hear - not just what they WANT to hear. Empowered Business Strategies believes in "e-value-ation". This results-oriented philosophy is included in every contract to make sure that our clients are supported as they initiate change in their organizations.

If you are going to start a, grow, or operate a business, you need a solid business plan. In addition to helping business owners obtain capital, they are critical for keeping organizations, size–irrelevant, focused and out of the weeds. They are decision-making tools and should contain enough information to provide direction when faced with uncertainty or pursuing a goal.

The level of detail required in the business plan depends on how it will be used. A business plan created for pursuing equity funding — requires different amount of detail than a business plan for pursuing a bank loan.

EBS will prepare a business plan that meets your needs whether you need to attract outside investment or create a one–page story that drives a brand new bootstrapped venture. Our business plans are comprehensive including strategic and tactical objectives for marketing, customer acquisition and retention, messaging, and operations. Empowered Business Strategies' levered financial projections are essential for new business bootstrapping allowing you to adjust your business trajectory as your financial situation changes.

If you are pursuing external funding for your new or existing venture, let EBS help you build your presentation. As if stage fright isn't enough... today presentations are massive compilations of slide after slide of content. Navigating the intricacies of text, graphics, and animations can be intimidating. EBS makes giving presentations fun. We will hand pick your best content, build the graphic representation of the presentation, and coach you on your delivery of the presentation. While we can't promise that you will feel relaxed - you will be fully prepared knowing that your words are supported but not overwhelmed by your Powerpoint or Keynote slides.

For do—it–yourself–ers, join Empowered Business Strategies for business planning webinar, including Introduction to Business Plans, Write the Compelling Story of Your Business, and Business Planning Power Pack.